The Only National Memorial honoring women in the Military might close

The Women’s Military Memorial in Arlington, Va. may close due to lack of funding.

It has been a frequently visited spot in D.C. for over 15 years.

Female veterans pulled their funds to restore the wall, along with federal grants and individual donations. Despite the 200, 000 people who visit the memorial per year it is quickly running short of funding.

This is the only memorial in the country dedicated to female military veterans.


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50th anniversary of the birth control pill.

This small oral contraceptive that has changed the lives of everyone is still pressing on and into our future after 50 years.

What do you think the pill has done for you or our history?

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Naked pregnant women?

I get it giving birth is joy and a total blessing. But does it really need to be celebrated by posing your naked pregnant body on the cover of a tabloid?

It’s not sexy either. I’ve never once heard a pregnant woman refered to as “sexy”. Supermodel Claudia Schiffer, posed naked on the cover of Vogue for the ageing fashion model edition. Her sex appeal was compared to that of Demi Moore’s nude pregnancy photos from back in 1991.

Wow we get it you’ve only put on 15 pounds during your pregnancy.

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“How do you identify a slut?” Listen to the radio to find out.

I was listening to 104.3 and the radio host asked its listeners, “How do you spot a slut?”
This is what I have to listen to, honestly? I listen to the radio to hear music. The host asked if smoking cigarettes or if touching your face was easy ways to identify a slut.

A girl called in and said if a girl sleeps with four different guys on the same block then she’s an easy target. Then the host asked what her name was, implying that he would want to contact her.

The girl stated actions that girls can do to be labeled as sluts not ways of identifying them. Not that guys should be on the lookout for them in the first place.

The commercial conversation on radio these days is getting really dumb and ridiculous.


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Nik who hasn’t she slept with? This girl has slept with so many guys that all the guys are all friends still to this day? How does a guy feel like a men, when you can ask any of your friends how your girl was in bed? This girl will do anything for the right$$$$$ Trailer trash????

A site with dozens of pictures of girls from various cities. They’re either half-naked, in inappropriate positions or simply hanging around with their friends. It doesn’t matter what they’re doing, there is a caption following each picture with a crude explanation.

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Take an online course at Towson to improve your self-esteem and body image

Take an eight week online course at Towson University this summer and it will help improve your self-esteem and body image.

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Can depression, anxiety and substance use be the reasons why we like to indoor tan so much?

In the article, Indoor Tanning Addiction Observed in College Students, explains that depression, anxiety and substance use are factors in why college students like to fake and bake so much.

I like to indoor tan when summer is on the approach and personally I think I look dreadful in a bathing suit when I’m my natural skin tone, which is pale.

However, I do like to drink. I wouldn’t say I’m depressed or anxious but I think we all say that until someone tells us otherwise.

Two tests were run on 421 college students and 229 said they indoor tanned.

“Students who met both sets of criteria were significantly more likely than those who met neither set to report greater symptoms of anxiety and greater use of alcohol, marijuana, and other substances.”

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