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What’s your take on pole dancing exercise?

I heard through the grape wine that there are studios who focus in teaching pole dance classes along with floor and chair classes. I decided to check it out. There is a studio off of Loch Raven road called Xpose Fitness The pole dancing classes incorporate signature moves using the pole. “The exercises sculp and strengthen every major muscle group in the body.

I took the beginner pole class. Let me just say that my body started to hurt within the first 20 minutes. I’m use to taking classes where I feel the pain the next day. This was so much different. I felt pain in areas that I had never felt before. My upper back and shoulders were on fire. My thighs and arms were throbbing. The interesting thing was that is was fun. I said to my mom “It’s like a swing, you’re like swinging” and she laughed. You get to fly through the air incorporating different moves and styles and the whole time your body is getting a killer workout.

I haven’t always been a strong believer in trying everything once. But I’m glad I did this because it really changed my perspective and opened my mind. It made me feel liberated to try other things that I wouldn’t often do.

Trina Kadesky, 26, an instructor at Xpose says that the ages of customers range from 18-68.

I am going to expand on this topic more in a feature story where I will reveal opinions of women who approve and enjoy pole dancing exercise and those who do not.


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Jessica Simpson stars in new show called Price of Beauty

I’m sure Jessica Simpson has always believed that beauty is skin deep, but I’m sure being called fat last January by multiple critics had something to do with it.

Simpson has been in the spotlight for a long time and her celebrity status wasn’t enough to save her from crude remarks made about her body. This demonstrates that once people see you at your thinest there is no going back.

Ok I’m not going to say that her ridiculously high wasted jeans are flattering but she doesn’t look fat. Sure she doesn’t look like she did in Dukes of Hazzard, but that was a movie role. A number of male actors gain and lose weight for movie roles so why was everyone so surprised when Simpson went back to her usual size?

Anyway back to her new reality show, it is expected to air sometime in 2010. She will be traveling around the world checking out different cultures “to meet women, study local fashions, dietary fads and beauty regimes.”

It will be interesting to see a female celebrity illustrate how around the world views female beauty and body image. Hopefully Simpson’s intellect will be outstanding.


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Kelly Osbourne says she “hated” herself because of her weight

Do we lose weight for ourselves or for others? I think that if the majority of men didn’t mind a hefty girl then we wouldn’t drive ourselves crazy about our weight.

Kelly Osbourne shared with Us Weekly about a hurtful moment when she was walking down the street and a teenager drove by and shouted “You’re fat!”

It doesn’t matter how young the person is, it still hurts when they say something that hits a soft spot. It was probably some 16-year-old prick who weighs 120 pounds and doesn’t understand anything about sensitivity or feelings.

The media doesn’t understand that when an average woman with curves flips through a magazine that’s filled with women who weigh 110 pounds that it can be very hurtful. We need some variety. Hello, we are all not a size two.

It’s sad because after Osbourne lost 42 pounds she said that she no longer looks in the mirror and thinks “Why don’t I look like that girl or this girl?” How many of us are only happy unless were thin?


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Girls shaking it on bars!

Could you say no to dancing on a piece of wood that’s slighty elevated if you were guaranteed free shots? I’m not going to lie. I’ve done it. Me and my friends got free drinks…

Why do they want women to get on top of a bar and dance? Does it excite people? Does it only excite men? Does it make other women irritated, jealous, offended, or envious? If so, are bar owners not worried about loosing business? Is shaking our behind on a higher platform really any different then doing it on the dance floor?

Are we not still being sexy and provocative?

I would say it is one thing to crawl onto a bar in a dress or skirt and expose yourself to the masses. But to jump up to the highest point in the crowd and show everyone your best dance moves…I think it’s fun and liberating.

Having the spotlight and free drinks, whose complaining?!


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Don’t judge me because I live in The Colony

I doubt there are many of you who don’t know where The Colony at Kenilworth is, but let me say that you are not missing out on anything! My mom was completely revolted when she saw my new living quarters as of last September. Her direct quote was “I hate this place, it’s ghetto!”

The whole reason I moved there was because it is a cheap affordable place for college students. But once my closet doors started falling off, the cabinet doors wouldn’t close, the baseboards had holes in them, the ceiling fans didn’t work and we greeted our collection of mice friends, i realized that this place is embarrassing!

Just a pic of recent events…

Yes that is in fact our drain pipe lying on the street. It has been there for over a week. I hope I won’t be living in the colony for the rest of my life or I will be very sad.

Did you know that according to the Center for American Progress over half of the 37 million Americans living in poverty are women! Women are poorer than men in all racial ethnic groups.

We also have a over 20% chance of being poor between the ages of 18-24 and a 15% chance before we’re 30! I know don’t want to live with mom and dad for the rest of my life and I don’t want to live in the slums either!


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Have you ever thought your feet were to big?

I know I’ve thought it, I wear a 9 1/2. One thousand years ago in China it was socially acceptable to bind a child’s feet so that they were no more than four inches long.

According to an article by James Crites, where I read up on Chinese foot binding it is unclear why this tradition came to be. There are legends that there was a princess who walked so gracefully because she had such tiny feet. Another legend says that women began binding their feet so they could sympathize with an empress who had clubbed feet.

Regardless of how it started it built a trend that ran like wild fire and lasted almost 1, 000 years. According to Crites one billion women had their feet bound before it was outlawed in 1911.

Everyday for two years little girls between the ages of four and seven had to suffer pain that no child should have to deal with. Every morning their mother would wrap their feet up with a 10 foot long bandage so that their toes curled under to touch the arch of their foot.

Could you imagine your mother doing this to you and better yet listen to her say that is it for your own good?

“The feet had to be washed and manicured on a daily basis. If they weren’t manicured properly the toe nails could cut into the instep and infection could set in. If the bindings were too tight they could cut off circulation which could lead to gangrene and blood poisoning. The feet had to be massaged and given hot and cold compresses to help relieve the pain and help improve circulation. If all this isn’t bad enough, corns would develop on the toes that were bent under and would have to be cut off with a knife. But wait! It gets worse! With the lack of circulation flesh would rot and fall off and sometimes the toes would ooze pus.”

Your feet are dead and completely deformed and you will remain in these small shoes fit for a child for the rest of your life.

Don’t they say that beauty is pain? This wasn’t any three hour surgery with a two week recovery process, this was an entrapment of pain for their entire life. They couldn’t do much work so they were confined to their homes. It made them helpless and weak, more appealing to the dominating male. In fact men started to prefer and only marry women with bound feet.

Not to mention, “It was believed that the way foot binding made a woman walk strengthened the vagina and made it more narrow. The girls’ buttocks and “jade gate” were believed to develop to such a degree that she could grip her husbands “jade spear” more tightly.”

The whole process and all intentions surrounding it is completely nauseating. But people did it for decades because parents wanted their daughters to find a suitable husband. Crites said that made foot binding illegal because they realized it conflicted with a woman’s education…:)

Their health, stability and freedom must not have been that important…


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Need a little push in your tush?!

Ladies, save some money on plastic surgery. Looking for some lift in your buttox?

The funniest and most interesting infomercial came on today. It displayed women wearing underwear with pads inserted into them, designed to increase the lift and volume of your butt! I googled padded underwear and came across a number of websites that offer a variety of inserts, underwear, etc, in a variety of colors and sizes, none the less.

Katie Killon, Towson University student, said “They would be deceiving to the masses.”

Roxanne Charney, Towson University student, said something along the same lines, “Guys will be dissapointed if they thought some girl had a sweet behind, then they take off her undies and find flab!”

Providing a woman with some artificial implants can be a little deceiving, but is it really any different from wearing a padded bra?

I couldn’t handle pads in my underpants; if I was comfortable with that idea I’d play football.

It was interesting to hear at the very end of the infomercial when they said, “Models are beautiful and you can be too.” I wasn’t aware models had asses anyway!

I think padded underwear just creates the illusion that you have something that isn’t there.


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