Never a Bare Face

I love it when people jump at the chance to comment on celebrities without makeup.

Do you think that female celebrities should look there very best all the time?

They already have to deal with people critiquing their red carpet outfits, an event they often spend thousands of dollars to look there very best and yet people are still eager to see them when the glam fades away.

A top story for Us Magazine today was See what Beyonce looks like without makeup.

Apparently people’s flaws are at the top of our interest list.

I don’t know about you. But I think she looks pretty cute for just crawling out of bed. I like looking in the mirror in the morning and checking out my crazy bed head. I applaud her even more for walking outside and flashing the paparazzi a huge smile!

I enjoy seeing celebrities in their own skin and seeing that they can look beautiful even without their hair and makeup done. I’d hate having to put on makeup and do my hair everyday, it’s such a waste of time and energy.

But we must expect to keep up appearances though, aren’t we now?



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3 responses to “Never a Bare Face

  1. hlemai

    I love that she is smiling and waving too. Who looks great crawling out of bed anyway? It’s nice to see her just spiting them with a smile and a wave, like who cares, you don’t own me paparazzi! I’m not going to hide away!

  2. Cari Crabtree

    Celebrities who are comfortable being photographed when they aren’t practically airbrushed with makeup send a positive message to the “normal” woman.
    Beyonce is beautiful in make up and without, and it’s nice to see a fresh, natural face, isn’t it?

  3. I saw let your skin breathe a little. And you are right, she is naturally beautiful. It’s okay to go natural sometimes. I hate the way people think celebs are not real people. They can stop role-playing every once in a while.

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