Girls shaking it on bars!

Could you say no to dancing on a piece of wood that’s slighty elevated if you were guaranteed free shots? I’m not going to lie. I’ve done it. Me and my friends got free drinks…

Why do they want women to get on top of a bar and dance? Does it excite people? Does it only excite men? Does it make other women irritated, jealous, offended, or envious? If so, are bar owners not worried about loosing business? Is shaking our behind on a higher platform really any different then doing it on the dance floor?

Are we not still being sexy and provocative?

I would say it is one thing to crawl onto a bar in a dress or skirt and expose yourself to the masses. But to jump up to the highest point in the crowd and show everyone your best dance moves…I think it’s fun and liberating.

Having the spotlight and free drinks, whose complaining?!



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4 responses to “Girls shaking it on bars!

  1. your organs are complaining..they don’t need the free alcohol.

  2. hlemai

    I think that the next time you go to a bar you should do a survey. Ask all the drunkies how they feel about women dancing on the bar; that can be your follow up story.

  3. shannonkemp

    I don’t think that information would be very accurate. haha

  4. tamleak

    That information would be way off considering the fact they will all be Some females do it just because they are having a good time and they don’t think much of it at the time especially if free drinks and attention is involved.

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