Kelly Osbourne says she “hated” herself because of her weight

Do we lose weight for ourselves or for others? I think that if the majority of men didn’t mind a hefty girl then we wouldn’t drive ourselves crazy about our weight.

Kelly Osbourne shared with Us Weekly about a hurtful moment when she was walking down the street and a teenager drove by and shouted “You’re fat!”

It doesn’t matter how young the person is, it still hurts when they say something that hits a soft spot. It was probably some 16-year-old prick who weighs 120 pounds and doesn’t understand anything about sensitivity or feelings.

The media doesn’t understand that when an average woman with curves flips through a magazine that’s filled with women who weigh 110 pounds that it can be very hurtful. We need some variety. Hello, we are all not a size two.

It’s sad because after Osbourne lost 42 pounds she said that she no longer looks in the mirror and thinks “Why don’t I look like that girl or this girl?” How many of us are only happy unless were thin?



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2 responses to “Kelly Osbourne says she “hated” herself because of her weight

  1. Cari Crabtree

    First, I think 110 pounds and a size two are over exaggerations. Meaning I think it’s more like a bulimic 93 pounds and a size double zero. Some of these girls look like they’re on their death beds in real life.

    Next, you know what that hateful girl in the passing car CAN’T say that Kelly should have said? “Well, take one look at these great breasts and go cry about having the figure of a 12-year-old boy.”

  2. hlemai

    I love Kelly Osbourne.
    Sure, she looks great now, but I loved her before too. I mean she is sassy and can take care of herself-from what I saw on that TV show.
    It’s sad that people take the time to shout out insults through windows.
    It might not be healthy to be overweight, however someone shouldn’t go out of the way to make someone feel bad. I mean, people are very aware of their size; it’s not like they need to be told what they look like.
    Good for her for getting herself in shape without resorting to an eating disorder, though.

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