What’s your take on pole dancing exercise?

I heard through the grape wine that there are studios who focus in teaching pole dance classes along with floor and chair classes. I decided to check it out. There is a studio off of Loch Raven road called Xpose Fitness The pole dancing classes incorporate signature moves using the pole. “The exercises sculp and strengthen every major muscle group in the body.

I took the beginner pole class. Let me just say that my body started to hurt within the first 20 minutes. I’m use to taking classes where I feel the pain the next day. This was so much different. I felt pain in areas that I had never felt before. My upper back and shoulders were on fire. My thighs and arms were throbbing. The interesting thing was that is was fun. I said to my mom “It’s like a swing, you’re like swinging” and she laughed. You get to fly through the air incorporating different moves and styles and the whole time your body is getting a killer workout.

I haven’t always been a strong believer in trying everything once. But I’m glad I did this because it really changed my perspective and opened my mind. It made me feel liberated to try other things that I wouldn’t often do.

Trina Kadesky, 26, an instructor at Xpose says that the ages of customers range from 18-68.

I am going to expand on this topic more in a feature story where I will reveal opinions of women who approve and enjoy pole dancing exercise and those who do not.


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One response to “What’s your take on pole dancing exercise?

  1. daniellewick

    I think the idea of making pole dancing into exercise is totally acceptable and an interestingly fun idea! If a woman is threatened by the idea of something used in a strip club being used for the physical betterment of other women, I believe she’s insecure not only about her own place in life and society as a female but the prowess of the women around her.

    And, honestly, who doesn’t think it would be hilarious to tell her friends about? 😀

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