Are women expected to have children?

When I was in high school I had absolutely no desire to have kids. My mom told me that she thought the same way when she was that age. My decision did change over the years and I wouldn’t mind having kids one day. But for some women even those that have been married for 5-10 years have no intention on ever having kids.
I work with very different women at my job.
Julia is 31 and has been married for over 10 years and has no children nor does she plan on having any. Lini is 27 and has been married for over 5 years and doesn’t plan on having any children. Julia is simply annoyed by kids. She finds puppies cuter than two year olds. Lini is not willing to sacrifice her freedom or lifestyle to have children. They seem very confident in their decision and informed there families long ago that they don’t ever plan on having kids.

I like to pick on little kids and mess with them. People ask me if I ever want to have kids like they’re offended by my lack of respect for them. Kids are kids. They’re goofy so I’m going to be goofy right back.

Anyway, I work with a woman named Christina who is married with four children. We were talking one day about Julia and Lini’s decision to never have children and Christina said that it is unfare and wrong that they chose not to. That hit a nerve. I don’t like the idea that women are expected to have children. Christina says women should have babies because there are people in the world who cannot. I’m sorry but if I was a person who didn’t want to have children I would not want to be told by the world that I am being unjust to those who can’t.

We have the divine right to choose and just because we have the biological capability does not mean that we have to have children.

Read this interesting article about this woman who believes that children are a “threat to the planet and its future.”


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  1. Cari Crabtree

    I am about to blog about “having children,” too.

    The issue of “whether to have kids” should have nothing to do with being a woman or being expected to have children. I myself only very recently decided that I want to have children. I was 100% against the idea until about four months ago, and now I’m certain that, with the proper man, I should have kids.

    But it’s not about your “duty as a woman.” The decision should be based on the following:

    Cons: Earth is overpopulated and more children further stress the ecosystem, most people are bad people and their babies only further hurt our society.

    Pros: Good people must raise a generation that’s better than us and putting better people in the world is the most important thing any person can do. And raising a generation of people who are ecologically friendly would counter-balance the cons.

    I am happy when I hear that people don’t want to have kids. Because most people stink and we don’t need little versions of them continuing to spread evil in the next generation. But I wish that every upstanding person would have 10 babies!

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