Men walking a mile in women’s shoes, literally.

Today on campus an event called, Walk a mile in her shoes, was held to acknowledge women’s struggle with rape and domestic violence. Towson students and staff came to walk a mile around campus.

The girls were not allowed to speak the entire walk (it’s symbolic) and the guys had to walk in whatever shoes they preferred, as long as it had a heel on it.

It was very touching to see that there are a lot of men who were willing to struggle walking in heels in order to make a public statement about female abuse.

It came easy to some men surprisingly but you could tell if was difficult for others. I was proud to witness it and I think it was a very good project. Several teachers asked their students to participate in the event.

Communication Studies Professor, Jennifer Struve, tells us what she thinks about the cause.



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4 responses to “Men walking a mile in women’s shoes, literally.

  1. Heather LeMaire

    This is really cool Shannon. I love the article and I like the interview with the natural sound.
    It would be cool to get an interview with one of the dudes walking around in women’s shoes. Good job!

  2. shannonkemp

    I know right. But it was really loud and I would have felt bad having them walk to a quiet spot. Some of the guys were waddling; it was sad and touching all in one.

  3. Stacy Spaulding

    Way to go with the breaking news!

  4. Great work Shannon! I saw this happening and didn’t really know what was going on. I heard bits and pieces later, but still didn’t know everything behind it—but now I do haha.

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