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Naked pregnant women?

I get it giving birth is joy and a total blessing. But does it really need to be celebrated by posing your naked pregnant body on the cover of a tabloid?

It’s not sexy either. I’ve never once heard a pregnant woman refered to as “sexy”. Supermodel Claudia Schiffer, posed naked on the cover of Vogue for the ageing fashion model edition. Her sex appeal was compared to that of Demi Moore’s nude pregnancy photos from back in 1991.

Wow we get it you’ve only put on 15 pounds during your pregnancy.


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Take an online course at Towson to improve your self-esteem and body image

Take an eight week online course at Towson University this summer and it will help improve your self-esteem and body image.

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Can depression, anxiety and substance use be the reasons why we like to indoor tan so much?

In the article, Indoor Tanning Addiction Observed in College Students, explains that depression, anxiety and substance use are factors in why college students like to fake and bake so much.

I like to indoor tan when summer is on the approach and personally I think I look dreadful in a bathing suit when I’m my natural skin tone, which is pale.

However, I do like to drink. I wouldn’t say I’m depressed or anxious but I think we all say that until someone tells us otherwise.

Two tests were run on 421 college students and 229 said they indoor tanned.

“Students who met both sets of criteria were significantly more likely than those who met neither set to report greater symptoms of anxiety and greater use of alcohol, marijuana, and other substances.”

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Boob Vibrations. Can cleavage cause earthquakes?

A crazy Iranian woman believes overly exposed or “immodestly dressed” women can cause earthquakes. So
200, 000 women across the world put the odd claim to the test. The results were insignificant.

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Do new moms feel pressure to lose baby weight?

Apparently the pressure to lose baby weight applies to celebrity and regular women.

Kourtney Kardashian was extremely offended when OK! magazine photo-shopped her cover photo. She posed with her newborn son, Mason, and Kardashian said that they made it look as if she already lost her baby weight. The magazine also said that she only gained 26 pounds during her pregnancy; Kardashian says she gained 40.

Kardashian shares what helped her lose the baby weight.

Jessica Alba skipped to the gym two weeks after her pregnancy.

Here are some before and after pictures of celebrities.

For those of us without personal trainers her are some tips from 18 ordinary women.

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Is cosmetic surgury becoming more common among divorcees?

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