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Posing in a bikini saved Kara DioGuardi’s job.

Pushing 40 the songwriter Kara DioGuardi decided that maybe posing in a bikini on the cover of American Woman magazine would help enhance her career.

Well no wonder why posing half-naked on the cover of a tabloid did in fact gain her some recognition. You go Kara. She says that her family doesn’t hesitate to tell her when her figure is falling from top-notch.

“Someone [close to me] said, ‘You may want to work on your arms — they’re a little jiggly,'” she says.

If someone said that to me, especially a member of my family I think they would get smacked.

Her body is in great shape, although she said that this “defining moment” helped her fit in with her fellow judges on American Idol. Hello? Do you really think Simon Cowell cares about your opinion when he has images of your cleavage and bare thighs dancing around in his brain?


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