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Jessica Simpson stars in new show called Price of Beauty

I’m sure Jessica Simpson has always believed that beauty is skin deep, but I’m sure being called fat last January by multiple critics had something to do with it.

Simpson has been in the spotlight for a long time and her celebrity status wasn’t enough to save her from crude remarks made about her body. This demonstrates that once people see you at your thinest there is no going back.

Ok I’m not going to say that her ridiculously high wasted jeans are flattering but she doesn’t look fat. Sure she doesn’t look like she did in Dukes of Hazzard, but that was a movie role. A number of male actors gain and lose weight for movie roles so why was everyone so surprised when Simpson went back to her usual size?

Anyway back to her new reality show, it is expected to air sometime in 2010. She will be traveling around the world checking out different cultures “to meet women, study local fashions, dietary fads and beauty regimes.”

It will be interesting to see a female celebrity illustrate how around the world views female beauty and body image. Hopefully Simpson’s intellect will be outstanding.



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Kelly Osbourne says she “hated” herself because of her weight

Do we lose weight for ourselves or for others? I think that if the majority of men didn’t mind a hefty girl then we wouldn’t drive ourselves crazy about our weight.

Kelly Osbourne shared with Us Weekly about a hurtful moment when she was walking down the street and a teenager drove by and shouted “You’re fat!”

It doesn’t matter how young the person is, it still hurts when they say something that hits a soft spot. It was probably some 16-year-old prick who weighs 120 pounds and doesn’t understand anything about sensitivity or feelings.

The media doesn’t understand that when an average woman with curves flips through a magazine that’s filled with women who weigh 110 pounds that it can be very hurtful. We need some variety. Hello, we are all not a size two.

It’s sad because after Osbourne lost 42 pounds she said that she no longer looks in the mirror and thinks “Why don’t I look like that girl or this girl?” How many of us are only happy unless were thin?


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