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Women are fighting for the right to walk around topless.

What would you do if you looked out your front window and saw your neighbor Ms. Williams getting the mail and she didn’t have anything on but a thong?

A couple in Boulder, Colorado have continually been spotted walking throughout their yard completely exposed. A public hearing is to be held this Tuesday that will declare whether or not public nudity will be banned throughout the entire city.

I also read about 24 women who rallied through the streets of Portland, Maine with no shirts on to vouch for equal oppurtunity public toplessness. They believe that because men are allowed to roam around without a shirt on that they should be able to as well.

I don’t know why public nudity has become so important to our equal rights? I think there are more important things to fight for than a nice breeze on our bare chest.

Come on ladies, you know how much guys like our goodies. Why would you want to give them the gratification of being able to see our breasts for free on the streets?

If you want your jaw to drop, check out www.purenudism.com. They say the main reason why so many people object to public nudity is because they fear it and that the best way to try and embrace it is to simply “expose yourself.”

If women start walking down the block with no shirts on, it is going to be an extremely, huge, uncomfortable adjustment. Think about children or senior citizens exposing themselves in public.



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