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Open relationship maybe, but open marriage?

Oscar nominee Mo’Nique raves about how comfortable she is being in an open marriage with her husband.

She has never had sex outside of her marriage but he is free to do so. She is married to her third husband, Sid Hicks and she claims that if she found out he was sleeping with another woman that it wouldn’t be a problem.

Most people don’t respond well to relationships that aren’t monogamous. I wonder what society thinks of these two being open to breaking tradition?

I don’t know what ended Mo’Nique’s previous marriages but obviously her logic must be skewed on what can make a relationship work. Any woman in her right mind would go on a serious, jealous rage if she found out her husband was sleeping with someone else.

But she says that she trusts her husband entirely and that there is no worrying about adultery because they both gave each other permission to commit it. They have been friends for over 25 years and they say that they know who each other is.

I think this cavalier attitude about being open in marriage totally contradicts the whole point of being married and sharing your life with another person.



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