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The Only National Memorial honoring women in the Military might close

The Women’s Military Memorial in Arlington, Va. may close due to lack of funding.

It has been a frequently visited spot in D.C. for over 15 years.

Female veterans pulled their funds to restore the wall, along with federal grants and individual donations. Despite the 200, 000 people who visit the memorial per year it is quickly running short of funding.

This is the only memorial in the country dedicated to female military veterans.


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Java Divas or girls in skimpy outfits bringing your coffee

Well apparently caffeine isn’t enough to wake people up in the morning.

A small trailer converted into a coffee shop is parked at a gas station five minutes away from where I grew up in Pasadena. The women that work there come out and take your order from your vehicle, only they aren’t wearing any ordinary uniform. They’re dressed in skimpy outfits that you often find girls wearing on Halloween.

The coffee shop is called Java Divas. So apparently the owners aren’t trying to build their reputation on the quality of their coffee but the scandalous waitresses that are serving it.

It gets better. They have themes for each day so you don’t have to get board with the waitresses outfits. You can check out a sexy pirate, nurse or just a chick in a bikini as they hand you your “A to D-cup” sized coffee.

In an article in the Maryland Gazette Nic Kipke, a conservative Republican, who represents
the area said “If it’s comparable to a restaurant like Hooters, it’s up to someone’s personal discretion whether or not someone wants to spend their money there.”

This is true, but how many businesses are we going to have where the waitresses are strutting around in skimpy, little outfits? No doubt it brings in business because we all know a guy will go anywhere for a good view and according to the site 75% of the customers are men.

Are women exploiting themselves, because now I can’t even grab a cup of joe without seeing a bunch of T and A?

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Anonymous Guerrilla Girls fight for women’s rights

Guerrilla Girls is an organization committed to building a larger recognition of the lack of art shown by women and people of color in museums throughout the world. They also discuss discrimination in film, politics, pop culture and other issue they feel like dabbing into.

These women dedicate their time creating posters and writing books that display the flaws and inequality in the world of art. They hold workshops in states all across the country and in several parts of the world and wear gorilla masks to keep their identities a secret.

Here is a part of an interview with the Guerrilla Girls on their webpage.
Q. But, isn’t judging art an issue of quality? If women and artists of color were really good, wouldn’t they make it on their own?

“The world of High Art, the kind that gets into museums and history books, is run by a very small group of people. Our posters have proved over and over again that these people, no matter how smart or good-intentioned, have been biased against women and artists of color,” said Lee Krasner.

“Success in art is a matter of luck and timing as well as being good or having talent. Why do white men seem to have all the luck? It’s not just a happy accident. Thus far, and throughout history, the system has been set up to support and promote the work of white male artists. That is their luck. In the old days of Western culture, it was patronage and the atelier system. It’s not that different now, though patronage doesn’t come in the form of royal courts and the Roman Catholic Church, but in the form of gallery owners, collectors, critics and museums who back certain artists. Once enough money has been invested in a certain artist, everyone mobilizes to keep that artist’s name out front and consequently in history. The artists who make it in this way begin to define quality,” said Romaine Brooks.

““Quality” has always been used to keep women and artists of color out,” said Alma Thomas.

Read more.

“To make up for what’s happened so far in art history, every show should be 99% women and artists of color, but only for the next 400 years,” said Georgia O’Keeffe.

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Never a Bare Face

I love it when people jump at the chance to comment on celebrities without makeup.

Do you think that female celebrities should look there very best all the time?

They already have to deal with people critiquing their red carpet outfits, an event they often spend thousands of dollars to look there very best and yet people are still eager to see them when the glam fades away.

A top story for Us Magazine today was See what Beyonce looks like without makeup.

Apparently people’s flaws are at the top of our interest list.

I don’t know about you. But I think she looks pretty cute for just crawling out of bed. I like looking in the mirror in the morning and checking out my crazy bed head. I applaud her even more for walking outside and flashing the paparazzi a huge smile!

I enjoy seeing celebrities in their own skin and seeing that they can look beautiful even without their hair and makeup done. I’d hate having to put on makeup and do my hair everyday, it’s such a waste of time and energy.

But we must expect to keep up appearances though, aren’t we now?


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