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Java Divas or girls in skimpy outfits bringing your coffee

Well apparently caffeine isn’t enough to wake people up in the morning.

A small trailer converted into a coffee shop is parked at a gas station five minutes away from where I grew up in Pasadena. The women that work there come out and take your order from your vehicle, only they aren’t wearing any ordinary uniform. They’re dressed in skimpy outfits that you often find girls wearing on Halloween.

The coffee shop is called Java Divas. So apparently the owners aren’t trying to build their reputation on the quality of their coffee but the scandalous waitresses that are serving it.

It gets better. They have themes for each day so you don’t have to get board with the waitresses outfits. You can check out a sexy pirate, nurse or just a chick in a bikini as they hand you your “A to D-cup” sized coffee.

In an article in the Maryland Gazette Nic Kipke, a conservative Republican, who represents
the area said “If it’s comparable to a restaurant like Hooters, it’s up to someone’s personal discretion whether or not someone wants to spend their money there.”

This is true, but how many businesses are we going to have where the waitresses are strutting around in skimpy, little outfits? No doubt it brings in business because we all know a guy will go anywhere for a good view and according to the site 75% of the customers are men.

Are women exploiting themselves, because now I can’t even grab a cup of joe without seeing a bunch of T and A?


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Is that suit too sexy for work?

Does a woman’s wardrobe influence how she is perceived at work? How sexy is to sexy or should we keep our bodies under wraps?

Clothes are no longer an asset for simply covering our bodies. They represent who we are and our seriousness in the game. Our bosses take notice to our wardrobe at first glance and more often than not this boss is a male.

Relationships with the boss are very common. An article about sex in the workplace by Kenya McCullum gives examples of different women who have slept with their boss.

Attraction is an uncontrollable feeling. Do we need to cover up our bodies to be taken seriously at work? Are women that are sleeping with the boss to climb their career ladder hindering women’s reputation and ability in the workplace?


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