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Need a little push in your tush?!

Ladies, save some money on plastic surgery. Looking for some lift in your buttox?

The funniest and most interesting infomercial came on today. It displayed women wearing underwear with pads inserted into them, designed to increase the lift and volume of your butt! I googled padded underwear and came across a number of websites that offer a variety of inserts, underwear, etc, in a variety of colors and sizes, none the less.

Katie Killon, Towson University student, said “They would be deceiving to the masses.”

Roxanne Charney, Towson University student, said something along the same lines, “Guys will be dissapointed if they thought some girl had a sweet behind, then they take off her undies and find flab!”

Providing a woman with some artificial implants can be a little deceiving, but is it really any different from wearing a padded bra?

I couldn’t handle pads in my underpants; if I was comfortable with that idea I’d play football.

It was interesting to hear at the very end of the infomercial when they said, “Models are beautiful and you can be too.” I wasn’t aware models had asses anyway!

I think padded underwear just creates the illusion that you have something that isn’t there.



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